Time for introspection

Summertime is here. Warm summer nights, colleagues and clients are away for holidays and the clock seems to tick a bit slower. Finally time and space to deepen your sense of self. A popular way to do this is by taking time to think about yourself: introspection. But beware! Not all introspection is effective, and most of the time it is even contra productive to personal development and well-being.

Tasha Eurich, organisational psychologist and author of the book INSIGHT, draws not only attention to the necessity, but also the dangers of introspection. Introspection is often seen as THE method to reach higher insight in the self and thus higher levels of personal effectiveness, but is mostly used in a wrong manner. Alone with our thoughts we are prone to losing track in subjectivity, focussing too much on the past and mostly ask ourselves: Why? This results in a negative focus on personal problems and their causes, instead of a positive focus on chances for growth.

How do you counter this tendency? Simply by changing the basis of the introspection from Why? to What? Doing this results in a shift of attention from causes of problems to ideas that help us with personal growth. Are you curious how this works? Learn more by reading the article that Tasha wrote for TED.

Are you inspired to develop insight in yourself and grow on a personal and professional level? This summer in July and August you have the chance to start asking yourself What? effectively with help of the Insights Discovery tool and a follow up with professional MK Leads guidance.

What: Insights Discovery, profile and starting course (3 hours)

Costs: Normally €750,- ex.  V.A.T. Sign up in July or August and pay no V.A.T.


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