“A conversation about sustainability is about daring, doing and experiencing that it can be fun and inspiring.”

A conversation about sustainability is a must in this day and age. Whether you have (internal/external) clients who are working on this or ask you for advice on how to deal with it, sustainability is increasingly on the agenda.

Talking about sustainability can be tricky. You yourself may or may not have knowledge about it and/or a discussion partner who has an opinion on it. In addition, you may be expected to be able to talk about it, with both people who know a lot about it and those who know little about it. In short, talking about sustainability can be challenging.

Can you normally have convincing and decisive conversations with (internal/external) customers and do you get insecure when the subject is about sustainability? This training is designed to help you have conversations about sustainability. After the training, you will be able to have a conversation about sustainability comfortably and in tune with the customer.


The training is online and takes two 1-day sessions after which you will be able to:

  • Structure conversations about sustainability; Structure conversations “from contact to contract”
  • Apply commercial/communication skills and know how to get opinions and facts related to sustainability
  • Talk about sustainability in an inspiring way
  • Handle difficult reactions such as conflicting opinions, resistance and criticism without losing sight of the atmosphere and the relationship

Enthusiastic? Then take a look to see if you recognise yourself in the following learning questions:

  • How do you take the conversation about sustainability from informal to businesslike?
  • How can you better tune in and connect when it comes to sustainability
  • How do you deal with your own vision on sustainability and what do and don’t you do with this vision during a conversation?
  • How do you recognise signals being given and how do you turn this into a more businesslike conversation?
  • How do you become more effective in applying listening skills?
  • How can you get more information, e.g. through a needs analysis?
  • How do you deal with difficult reactions such as objections, resistance and critical questions?
  • How can you give future-oriented and tailor-made advice?


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