Insights Discovery

Do you want to be more effective in what you do, use your qualities more, know what takes energy and what energises you? Then follow the Insights Discovery workshop. Insights Discovery is a simple and easy-to-apply tool to better understand individuals and team behaviour and therefore make people work better together. Among other things, Insights allows you to make a quick analysis of the strengths and challenges of people and teams. You will also be given ‘tips & tricks’ to assess the behaviour of (internal) customers. Increasing your style flexibility can lead to a more effective relationship with your (internal) customers.

During this training, we offer insight into your own behavioural preferences and the role of perception. The focus is on making more and better use of your own qualities, connecting yourself with your target group and how to make better use of qualities in your environment.

What does it deliver?

You or your team will learn how to tackle problems in a positive, practical and inspiring way that improves the atmosphere and morale within the team. Using clear, practical action plans, you can continuously monitor the progress your team makes towards individual and collective goals.