Prices & Terms

We provide training in both classroom, online and hybrid formats. Below are the prices for all our training courses. These are the same for all our forms of training. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

PrijzenClassroom en Online
Spreken met Impact€835, -
Intake and Interviewtechniques€835, -
Advising while Coaching€835, -
Servant Leadership - 2 days€1870 (including an Insights Discovery Personal Profile)
Situational Leadership - 3 days€2700 (including an Insights Discovery Personal Profile)
Leadership and Coaching€835, -
Leadership JourneyUpon request
Facilitating while Coaching€835, -
Facilitation skills€835, -
Effective cooperation and communication€835, -
Effective Meetings€835, -
Giving and Receiving Feedback€835, -
Commercial Skills€835, -
Successful Negotiation €835, -
Sustainability€835, -
Insights Discovery Personal€835, - (including an Insights Discovery Personal Profile)
Insights Discovery TeamsUpon request