Facilitating while Coaching

How do I make sure my team is and stays motivated? Being able to facilitate or transfer knowledge in an inspiring and motivating way is fun if you have enthusiastic team members/ participants in the group. What influence can you exert as a facilitator and how do you get team members/participants into a ‘learning action mode’? Coming up with and carrying out exercises is fun. Imagining and visualising behind a desk works fine, but actually doing exercises with your team can be exciting or if you do it anyway…, it doesn’t go the way you imagined. The temptation is then great to opt for a “classic” meeting format again anyway….

Coaching facilitation means putting team members/participants in “action mode”. In other words, team members/participants become jointly responsible for the process and thus the (learning) result. This interactive way is not just about coming up with different and fun ways of working. In particular, it is also about group dynamics and motivating team members/participants to literally “participate”. During this training you will learn how to guide and facilitate teams/groups effectively and in a coaching manner.